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Elizabeth Newton BSc, D.ClinPsy, C.Psychol.

Elizabeth graduated from University College London with an Honours degree in Psychology in 1995. She worked in the NHS and at the Institute of Psychiatry, gaining a wide range of experience in mental health, and researching new and innovative psychological therapies. In 2002 she completed a doctorate in Clinical Psychology at University College London. She has published a number of book chapters and articles in academic texts and journals.

Since 2002 Elizabeth has worked in the NHS in Birmingham, Worcestershire and North Warwickshire. She works with both adolescents and adults, helping them with a wide range of difficulties including worry, loss of self confidence, panic, depression, anxiety and bereavement. She has expertise and a special interest in helping people who are experiencing distressing or unusual thoughts, are hearing voices or have difficulties associated with a diagnosis of psychosis or mood disorder (such as bipolar disorder, also called manic depression).

Elizabeth specialises in using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which works by looking at how our thoughts can effect the way that we feel and behave in particular situations. CBT has been extensively researched and is considered to be one of the most effective talking therapies. Her training also allows her to draw upon a number of other of approaches and therefore to tailor treatment to suit the individual and their particular requirements and circumstances.

In addition to individual sessions, Elizabeth has experience in working with groups and families. She has extensive research and training experience and is happy to provide training for both professionals and the public.